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Independent Human Meta Knight Role play account

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"A new face.. Well I suppose that’s what I have been waiting for now for quite some time. My name is not to be needed, however you may know me as Meta Knight" The male spoke, his attire was odd and out of place, but a glorious gold sword with ridges on his hip.

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//Hello all~!

//Hello everyone, I have just recently made this account to roleplay, if you can not tell already this is a meta knight roleplay blog, specifically as a human, however I CAN play him as he is in the show as well.

I hope to get into the community more now, and maybe even find a group to join that will allow video game characters, and have a opening for Meta Knight.

My styles of role playing are

  • Literate
  • Paragraph
  • or Multi-paragraph

And one thing for sure, just having fun and making awesome plots.

And above all else, meeting new people ~